The Glory Of God

05/03/2015 09:59

Friend, God hides His Glory from the world.  It is revealed only to those who seek Him in spirit.

I hope you are a partaker of His Glory, but if not, then I urge you to seek it. 

Say to God, that you want to be a partaker of His Glory and ask Him to teach you and guide you so you may enjoy His Glory.

When we come to Him with a humble soul, when we are downtrodden by this world, when we know that we no longer want to be a high and mighty soul of this world, we will begin to see His Glory.

How amazing it is!  The things He does for us, are revealed and we cannot stop praising Him.

When you get this breakthrough of His Glory it is so beautiful.

You will see how He sustained you throughout all your bad choices but has brought you to a place you do not deserve, and has given you things you would never have had but for His Goodness.

I pray each soul who seeks after His Glory will be a partaker, in Jesus's name.

Isaiah 60:19b  The Lord will be your Everlasting Light, and your God will be your glory.

Friend, He has made you this promise!  Accept it and join the work in your soul He has designed for you.

Do not crave the wrold's glory.  It is nothing, fleeting at best.  His Glory is everlasting! Praise God.

Be clothed in His Glory.