The Good Thing

04/02/2016 18:58

Friend, it is a "good thing" to be thankful to Holy Triune God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Recognizing what He has done for us blesses Him and strengthens our faith in Him which in turn blesses us.

It's true, like the old saying goes, "Count your blessings!"

Enumerate to the Father now why you are thankful.

For His Son; the Plan to redeem you; the new path you are on; His Love of you and yours; the peace He brings; the joy in your soul; the knowledge He bestows; answered prayer....

There's so much. Break them down and you will find many small things He has done that you haven't paid attention to previously.

All good things in your life and the life of others come from Him. Praise Him!

Has He been Merciful?

The Book of Psalms is a wonderful area to start reading to find the words of praise that are acceptable to God.

Praise takes our mind off our worries, concerns, and fears. It focuses on God and what He has done, and is going to do.

Giving thanks gladdens the Heart of God and always benefits us as well.

It is a privilege to praise Him. A Pure and Holy God accepting praise from any one of us is truly the most gracious and loving gesture - that of a Father encouraging His child, you.