The Great Teacher

19/11/2015 13:36

Friend, we all learn from others along the path of life.

There are many teachers but there is only One, Great Teacher. His Name is Jesus.

And He is God and will only teach you things of Godliness.

He will never steer you astray because of a hidden agenda.

Many teachers start out gentle and kind but as they grow in "power" over others, the evil one comes in with his demons and leads them astray. (an easy target, one person with a following)

So we must be careful. We should never follow the person, but know the teaching and follow that.

Also, we must be careful to be Godly and never teach that which is wrong or will only benefit ourselves - as in a monetary, egotistical, or overpowering ways.

The devil uses, cunning, manipulation, and deceit to lure us into his demonic clutches.

The devil is a LIAR. He will never tell the Truth to you. EVER.

He's sadistic, and a tormentor, and a user of people to gain himself something. Everyone is dispensible to him. There are billions of souls who if he can kill them off before they come to know Jesus, they will be his.

He has no interest in keeping you alive unless he can use you. He roams about like a roaring lion seeking to destroy all those who he sees are weak and whose mind is turned from God.

And, friend, those numbers grow everyday because he has an army of demons who are at work in all areas of our lives to keep us on their path of "the good life."

Friend, be careful!

The Great Teacher has left His Word the Holy Bible here for us to learn from. Read it with an open and sincere and seeking heart and you will come to know Truth. Start with the New Testament which tells of Jesus the Great Teacher and learn from Him and then later you can go to the Old Testament and learn about how powerful and majestic He is as our Creator God.