The Greatest Gift

20/08/2015 09:17

Friend, the Lord has given to all of us the Greatest Gift.

Many will not receive the Gift. But for me, I am in awe that He would offer this Gift to me.  I am unworthy to receive this Free Gift, so Beautiful and Perfect, given in Love and All Truth.

You too may have received it and friend, isn't it so amazing what He has given us?!

This Gift inspires me to want to give something to Him in return.  But, nothing I can think of measures up.  I can never outgive God.  This lifetime is too short but even if I had eternity, I could never repay.

His obedience to fulfil the Plan of God for our Soul's Redemption, to die on the Cross like a common criminal when He was innocent and had no sin in Him, but only healed and taught of God is amazing when it is thought out.

At any time He could have said, "Enough already, they are not worth it - too far gone in their sin,"  or " I'm done with their foolishness, they will not listen, they do not understand - thinking I am a leader for their wars and such."

But, He saw a few who believed and He knew they would be teachers; He would leave the Holy Spirit to fill them with the power to preach and expand the Knowledge of God to the few who wanted Goodness; He knew the Father's Plan was Perfect; He knew many would come to know Him and the Father and the Holy Spirit; He was to be the Fulfillment of the Law - if not Him, then who?

None other, friend, could do what He did on that Cross for you.

Our only way to show Him gratitude is to obey His commands, work for His Good, worship and have a relationship with Him as He desires because we would only want His Will to prevail on earth and Heaven.

The Gift is so magnificent and amazing that it cannot be explained in words.  They come far short of how Great the Gift is.

It can be felt by the spirit and soul and our thanks can be expressed back to Him from our soul and spirit.

The most amazing thing of all is that while we are still in sin today, we can reach out to Him and be saved through that work done by Jesus on the Cross at Calvary so long ago.  It is the Gift that reaches out over centuries and still connects withour spirit and is able to save us from damnation, sorrow, and a life of eternal hell.

Don't wait to enjoy as much sinful living as you can and suddenly turn to Him and accept His Sacrifice and slide into Heaven at the last second having been an unbeliever and denying your Gift that thousands of times it was clearly offered to you, because you do not know the exact moment of your death, and you don't know if your heart is in the exact right place for God to allow you to receive the Gift.

Many people falsley receive the Gift and go on living in sin but Jesus may say to them, "I did not know you."

Why?  Because, they are not truly repentant, they are caught up in an emotion and then continue to go on with their lives,  back turned to God, having no outward expression of having been saved, and showing to God a cold and heartless heart and a mind not willing to learn about the Son.

Be genuine and repentant of the sin in your life, and receive the Greatest Gift of all time, show God how much you love Him by the seeking of His Will in your life, the acknowledgement of how He is filled with Truth and Wisdom, and is, All That Is.