The Hard Questions

26/02/2016 11:11

Friend, we must ask ourselves the hard questions about our mortality.

I have found that we like to put them off. We try to hide from God and we also while denying that He exists, rail at Him because of our circumstances!

We can't have it both ways!

He either exists to us or He doesn't.

It's a fact our bodies come from the womb and our bodies cease to live at some time; we die.

It's a fact that while we live, we think.

Our thoughts cover all kinds of subjects. Not only food, shelter, danger as we perceive the animals doing.

No, our mind is capable of much more complicated thought processes.

But there is not Purity in our thoughts. They are definetly tainted with impurity; anger, revenge, greed, malice, pride. We have unbalanced egos.

WHY? That is a big and hard question that we must ponder.

Why are we born only to die like the natural world when we are at the top of the food chain?

Why must everything die?

Are we just evolving like evolutionist thinking proclaims?

Why do we not see the changes happening?  When did evolution stop? What era or year was evolution ground to a halt? When did it know that man was now "ready" just to be "man" and no more evolutionary growth was needed?

Why do we find everything has an innate mathematical part to it? What is that all about?

Why are there Laws of the universes that cannot be broken, but must be accomodated by us? Those Laws control us, not we them!

Why is this world the only and perfect place for us to live ( even though we spend billions on trying to find another world)?

Why do our finest minds in the scientific communities know they are only discovering what is already in place; that they are not discovering something new, but just another layer of something very Perfect that already exists and has existed for a very long time?

Are these things worth thinking about, for you? Do these questions simmer at the back of your consciousness while you go about living?

This is the Spirit helping your spirit to seek answers.

Have you embarked on a course to find the answers and believe you have found something that gives you all the answers?

As a guide to examining the present course your life is taking you should find a starting point from which to peel back the layers.

The Holy Bible is a great foundational work that a person can use to seek the perfection of the layers of belief we have stored up within our psyche.

It can be the Sounding Board that you bounce your thoughts and ideas off while investigating what you see as a truth yet one that is a bit leaky, not fully formed, having no end or beginning, recognizing immorality in it that cannot be Holy, not feeling absolute, requiring too big a leap of faith, giving no guaratees. 

Many are the souls who have done this and have found the One True Way and have that guarantee of Life Eternal with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Friend, ask yourself the hard questions and let the Holy Bible be your source of information.