The Heart Knows

01/08/2019 07:39

Friend, have you heard Jesus knocking at the door to your heart wherein He would like to take up His Throne and be your Guide through this life?

Too many of us deny Him.

We try to keep our head turned away. Our necks are stiff against Him. The heart is hardened and won't allow the gems of Knowledge to even fall upon it. The seeds of Knowledge and Truth fall on the hard ground; shrivel and die. Your assigned angels are at their wit's end trying to get the seeds to fall into a crack so they will sprout.

The Holy Spirit is in constant attendance over our souls and many do not allow Him to speak. He cries and groans to the Lord begging Forgiveness for our wantonness.

The heart of each of us knows these things.

We loudly deny, deny, deny but the Truth will be shown to us at the Judgement.

How we railed against God and His People and His Helpers; our fits of rage against Him when we didn't get what we thought we should have received; the clenched fist raised to the Heavens to show our disregard for His Law; the unrepentant acts of anger against His Will, His Way.

Yes all is recorded.

The heart knows.

We will see that we did know, what was going on and there will be no denial then, that God has every Right to Judge us, according to His Righteous Law, in order to be The Almighty God.

There is time right now to realize the Truth.

Now is the time to ask Forgiveness; in this lifetime - what is left.

Choose to take the Path of Righteousness; knowing that the consequences of your choice still face you, but the choice is for Redemption and Eternal Life. 

To stay on the old path is to choose eternal Hell.

Yes, the heart knows!