The Heavenly Man

07/04/2015 19:10

The Heavenly Man is a book I recently read.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking to know more about another believer's journey.

Much was required of him by the Lord.  His name is Brother Yun also known as Liu Zhenying.

Most of us could not step up and do what he has done for the Lord.  He was imprisoned and tortured to coerce him to renounce his faith in Jesus while living in China.  He was conducting house churches where he taught and worshipped in secret wherever possible or called.

He calls it suffering and enduring - what we in the west refer to, when a non believer rebuffs us in some way!

The question in some minds would be " Will I or do I, have to suffer in this way to be a believer?" 

No. Some are called to do more according to their abilities, willingness, level of faith and more.

But we are all called to be a witness.  For some it is to live a Godly life reflecting the goodness of God.  For others more is revealed as we walk the path of righteousness with Christ holding His cross high, showing the Way and holding in His other hand a lamp which is a guide for our feet.

See Him now in this way and take up your cross and lamp for those around you.