The Holy Spirit Communicates With Us

13/02/2015 20:14

We cannot understand what the Lord is doing through the Holy Spirit with our rational mind.

We just have to accept by faith that He is doing a new work in us.

The Spirit is showing us new ways to see things in our lives.  We are convicted of sinful behaviour as never before and we have a desire to please the Lord. 

We begin to see that there is an end to our lives here and we start to think of eternity.  Where will we spend it?

"Is there an afterlife," we question.  This is the Spirit's work in us - guiding us down the Path to Freedom and Forgiveness and Faith and Truth and Love and Peace for our souls.

The Lord sees into the depths of our human heart/soul.  He knows where sin lurks and He shines a light there for you to look at and make a new choice.  But He doesn't leave you alone to stumble and fall.  He is with you if you allow Him to be. 

Each morning is a new beginning with Him.  Yesterday is gone and He forgives when you repent. 

Friend, do not resist the Holy Spirit as He searches the depths of your soul and helps you to cut out and throw away sinful things that are not pleasing to Jesus, your Saviour.

Where He prunes, He fills with Truth.  The Truth of everthing is being revealed and you will see with new eyes.

There is Peace for your soul when you learn the Truth.