The Holy Spirit

04/04/2016 09:49

Friend, many wonder what the Holy Spirit does.

Well, He does many things but they always have to do with the Will of God.

What is the Will of God for you?

It is for you to know God!

So you can be sure that the Holy Spirit is the One who is convicting you of sin. He is the one who confirms to your spirit that God exists. He leads you into the Truth so you can know God is Truth. He teaches you about Jesus. He reveals Jesus to you by using other people, the Bible, nature, the cosmos, the Cross, the Resurrection.

He is God and therefore He is everywhere and in all things.

He has come to be with us until Jesus comes again. He is tireless in His work to gather us to the Son. He is God in the form of the Holy Ghost. He is Beautiful and Trustworthy. Never will He lead you astray, in fact it is He who rescues us and shows us who Jesus is.

Romans 8:27

He who searches the heart knows what the mind of the Spirit is because He intercedes for the saints according to the Will of God.

Friend, search your heart and you will find the Holy Spirt waiting for you.