The Inner Beauty Of Jesus

21/03/2016 14:09

Friend, the Bible tells us that Jesus was not a man of great beauty. To look upon Him was not to see a handsome man.

He did not come to earth, to be admired for His good looks.

He was no movie star.

No, His Beauty was inside and that was what those who knew Him and heard of His teachings and healings were drawn to.

This was purposeful on the Father's part.

Man has always looked up to, admired and followed those who had "beauty."

We follow their careers and hang on their every word, believing they have answers and special attributes.

Jesus, was not one of the "Beautiful people!"

In fact, He was despised by most! People who should have known Who He was plotted to kill Him.

One who walked with Him closely and supped at the same table, heard His teachings, saw the healings - Judas; was led astray by the devil and used as a pawn by satan!

However, eleven other disciples did see the Inner Beauty of the Lord Jesus and remained faithful. It is they who spread the Good News, guided by the Holy Spirit so that we today have the New Testament and can easily understand and see with spiritual eyes, the Beauty of Jesus.

This is something to pray for if you have not come to the conclusion that He is Beautiful.

The Holy Spirit will have pleasure in revealing the Beauty of Jesus to you.  

It is not as man sees, but it is amazing and glorious and utterly profound.