The Intellect of Man

27/08/2016 09:29

Friend, so many people trust in their own intellect; all decisions are weighed and choices made to keep them on the right track - of their own choosing.

They are strong in their holding onto the reins of their life, we say their will is great.

Strong-willed, and upright in thinking are adjectives used to describe their righteous living, their great minds, wonderful inveentions, moving art and accomplishments..

But God is not part of this type's belief pattern. The individual's intellect is put on a pedestal that belongs to God.

With an intellect that is cherished and given the place of God, there is no room in the heart, for God.

Will this person walk with the sheep who know the Voice of the Shepherd?

Friend, the answer is "No."

How could they hear God's Voice? They only hear their own. They are their own masters.

Not unless they come to the conclusion that God is Greater than their intellect.

It is a form of love of self. They see no sin in their lives because the intellect can and does forgive them by intellectualizing their innocence.

But, this won't stand up before Holy God the Judge Who has set the Law and knows the heart and mind of man.

It is He who weighs the soul and by His Standards and Law, not by the puny thinking of one He has created and not given full Godly Power to.

All of us fall short of the Law. There is a Purpose for that, and we will only understand at the Judgement.

We will see that God's Way is Perfect, not flawed as we thought with our wonderful, cherished, superior intellect.

If we thought of God at all it was that He gave to us the superior intellect and withheld from others; that He was proud of us, and was lenient to us because of our great gift! 

Friend, let the intellect think about the Perfection, Truth, Wisdom, Law (of all Sciences), Language (of all Creatures, Nature), Creation (of all Universes, Planets, Peoples and Nature), and on and on.

God has it all at His Fingertips and His Mind is Perfection at all times. No mistakes ever. Everything He does is Perfect the first time!

We cannot attain this.

Our intellect can be better and even greater than others who have lived, are or will live, but it can never be equal with God's, because we are born into a sinfilled life. Our gifts of creativity and intellect are great for this earth when utilized, nurtured and used; but they are but a shadow of what God is capable of.

God has designed our sojourn in this way according to His Purposes..

It is of God's Design we are born to sin infected parents, as were they and before them, according to God's Purpose..

Yes, it fulfills a Purpose and is according to His Law, but we don't know the Whole Purpose.

The Bible gives us an explanation - that evil is the source.

God's Law is playing out concerning Lucifer and the fallen angels who followed him in rebellion and were cast out of Heaven. Lucifer has not lost all his God given (and God can and will take away) powers, as yet.

He has the power over the air of the earth. God calls him "the prince of the power of the air" and his domain is the earth and everything in it.

God is God and we are not. He has used earth in the Way His Law is written. We are blessed to have this short life to reconnect with Him, His Greatness, His Truth and His Son.

We are given this Gift of Life to be overcomers of evil. He knows our souls from before we were born through until we die. The record will be revealed at Judgement.

Friend, our intellect, given to us by God will never outdo the Lord's.

Impossible, period.

He asks each of us to turn to Him, discover Him and the Son through the Holy Spirit Who sustains us; working tirelessly to bring us into the Knowledge of Father, Son and Spirit..

Praise the Lord!..