The Joy Of The Lord

13/10/2015 09:25

Friend, I hope you have found the Joy of the Lord!

It is not of this world.

It is not in any way generated by this world.

The Joy of the Lord is very hard to explain; but it comes directly from Lord Jesus, who brings all things in your life together, for His Good Will.

We get moments, flashes, revelations both short and long of something He has done for us and our soul is flooded with Joy, Hope, Truth, Wisdom and so much more.

Just knowing that He is the Orchestra Leader and He is making beautiful music to ebb and flow around you is enough for you to know to relax the reins, and let them fall to the ground - on all the issues in your life. 

If He can bring a small thing into perfect harmony; He can also bring the big things into that same harmony that releases inner Joy into your soul and spirit.

This is His Way of teaching, guiding and growing you into the Godly soul He created you to be. 

Our soul and spirit crave this Joy, yet before we know Jesus as our Saviour, we can't find the key to unlocking this Joy. We instinctively know it exists, and we want to have it.

We search for it in all the lusts of life when it it freely given by our Lord - when we acknowledge Him as King Jesus, the One who left all the riches of Heaven to come into a sin filled world to carry out the Plan of the Father (to redeem us from eternal separation from Almighty God, from Pure Love, from Holy Truth). 

He successfully fulfilled God's Plan and all the sinners of earth now have a Perfect Way in the New Law, to break free from the chains of death and destruction of our soul to a new and eternal life with our Lord, pain free, no sorrow, no remembrance of the sins of the flesh.

We just have to confess our sin to Jesus and repent from our sinful ways, accept His Sacrifice and Free Gift of Salvation.

He will be your Confidant and Teacher. In Him you can place all your hope and receive a renewed heart and mind.

This is the beginning of great spiritual Joy.