The Largest Share

26/05/2016 09:31

Friend, try always to give God the largest share of your day.

Keep your mind focused on Him and His Peace will fill you to overflowing.

In whatever you do, be it inward reflection, or outward activities, let Jesus be at the forefront of your being and doing.

Small affirmations throughout the day, of your faith in Him; your belief of Who He is; thoughts of His Wondeful attributes; praise for Him because of what He has done for you and those you love; and worship of Him because He s Good; Truth; Love, will help you to keep your mind focused on Him.

This way of having a close communication with Him will fill all the spiritual crevices in your being, with the most beautiful life force because He is a rewarder of those who Love Him.

This attitude from us is what releases Goodness to flow over and in and around us.

Keeping the greater part of our day for ourselves and meagerly giving the smallest share of our day to Him, will keep us from having all that He desires for us to have.

And His thoughts for us are so immensely pure in character that we cannot comprehend the Goodness therein.

Yes friend, it is good for us when we give the larger share of our life to Him; better still to give all.