The Little Ones

02/01/2015 14:08

Friend, be careful, do not lead the little ones away from the Truth.

Always be shining the Light of God ( Jesus) into the lives of the little ones.

He loves them and when we abuse them, or hurt them emotionally we are far from God in our thinking.

This is what unbelievers do.  In their own quest they have surmised that God does not exist and certainlly if there is no God, how can He have a Son?  Therefore they teach to their own, unbelief, and try to squash Truth from other family's teachings.

They will find at the time when they stand before the Judgement Throne of Almighty God, that they were in error and they will have lured many to their eternal death.

If you were to arrive at the Judgement in this state, would you want your children or loved ones to be following you - standing in line behind you, their leader?

You are the responsible party, they the followers.

Now is the acceptable time for you to change.  You who have a following, who have a voice in this crazy world, can show the beautiful and perfect Way to Heaven and not be among the damned at the Judgement.

Think on this one thing, friend and be blameless before God.