The Longing Of His Heart

29/01/2015 13:34

The longing of the Lord's heart is that we all come to know Him as Saviour of our souls.

If we always pray with this in mind, His Will, will be done.

We must pray for those we know and love.  If we don't, in many cases they have no-one to pray for them.

The Bible says it helps and that prayer changes things.

We are encouraged to pray with others be they far away or near for the same thing - Salvation of souls.

This is the Lord's main work here on this earth.

He came to make a Way for us to be saved from eternal damnation.

He tricked satan and the Plan was carried out with satan thinking he had killed off the new King, but satan is not privy to God's Plans, so he didn't know what God was doing, or how the mind of God worked.

Satan is a renegade who at one time had a position of glory in the Heavenly realm but he ( by free will choice) was a murmurer and whinger who wanted to raise himself above the King and run things his way.

Does this sound a lot like what goes on in life today?  Are you a part of that thinking?

Friend, it is wrong thinking.  We are called to be as smart as snakes but as gentle as doves - not as smart as snakes and as violent and greedy as the angry lion.

Keep your intelligence but know that God is above you and seek His wisdom in all you do.  Be kind and compassionate and turn from wicked ways.

This too is the longing of His heart.