The Lord And I

11/05/2015 09:45

Friend, our spiritual life governs all that happens in the natural world.

Many people think it is the opposite, but put aside those thoughts for a little while and focus on your relationship or non-relationship with Jesus.

Having no relationship with Him allows evil to be your task master.  Evil will take you down paths that lead far from God. Evil has a mission to not allow you to know there is a God.  It first seeks to prove there is no God.

Why would this be beneficial to evil?  Because when you die not having believed, you, by default, belong to evil and have no argument that will be heard at the Judgement seat of Almighty God when the time comes.

When evil sees that you are beginning to think there is a God or you may be interested in knowing Jesus, it sets about to scoff and scorn and embarass those thoughts - a lot of times, in front of others.

Evil has it's own systems in the world, propped up by men and women in the world who have accomplished something and whom we admire for some trait, or have authority over us - even parents.

We often think that if someone has acheived some degree of success in a field we are attracted to then, they MUST be correct in their thinking.

Sometimes, we just have itching ears that want to hear how the Bible could not be true; how the story of Jesus is just a fairy tale and how there could not be a Creator.  We want our thought conclusions to be correct, after all we are so intelligent to have thought of these things - but friend, it is all evil guiding you along it's fateful path, using pride, ego, lies, envy, applause, the spotlight, denial and all other means at it's disposal to fool us.

The Lord wants you to know that He wants you to think about Truth.

Pure and Beautiful, Just and Wise, Clean and Holy, Truth.

The Lord looks upon the heart of man and knows all about us. He wants a right relationship with you and me.

It's just Him and you. He's trying to keep you from plunging into Hell, into the abyss that no souls can climb out of, once in there.

The truly evil and unrepentant heart cannot know God, because it has shut it's heart and mind off to the existence of God, or like satan, it hates God and thinks one day evil will win.

But, we have this new day to examine our lives and see whether God would be pleased with us.  We can look to the word of God and find out whether we have sin in our life that we did not know of.

If when you examine your life you have sorrow for the past, it is time to ask God for forgiveness and to repent of past ways and ask Him to help you to become the man or woman He desires.

Begin to read His Word in the Bible and you will know God's Truth, and be able to decipher your own faulty thinking from Truth, and know the changes you must make to get into right fellowship with the One who loves you and died so you would have a Way to Heaven.