The Lord, He Is Our Father!

08/09/2014 11:44

The Lord, He is our Heavenly Father who also created, our earthly father.

The spirit/soul in each of us is from Him.  It is designed to reconnect with Him.

He has given us free will to choose Him or not during this earth lifetime.

He never gives up on us during this time.  He is always, in all ways trying to reveal who He is to us.

He knows that we are in the domain of evil, but He wants us to realize that He is the antidote for evil.

It is a mystery why this is so - but when we see who He is and that we are not "all that" but need Him, we are content to leave His creation of how things work in the earth and everywhere else, in His capable hands.

This is the time when we take a leap of faith and just trust Him.

As our Father, He loves us and wants to encourage us to know Him so that we have a life that is acceptable to Him and the great multitude in Heaven who we will one day join to continue on our journey in His creation.

He cannot allow us to bring our evil ways into His Kingdom. Peace, Love, Joy, Truth, reigns there.

Only those He is able to say "Well done, good and faithful" to, will be joined with the Great Host of Heaven.

When He corrects us, we should recognize it and just say, " Thank you, Jesus. Help me to be in Your Will, because I am willing, Lord."

Raise your hands to Heaven and praise Him.  He is your Father. He knows you and what you need in your life to be full of the knowledge of who He is, to have the life of purpose in Him, to be blessed by His Greatness.

He is waiting to teach you more. Be aware, watchful and ready to hear Him, to recognize Him in the day and night. Burst into praise when you see His Hand at work in your life or someone else's!