The Lord Is Who He Says He Is

18/01/2016 20:38

Friend, faith is so easy when we remember that Jesus is Lord. The Word of God says that He is the Word and that He is Jesus.

The Scriptures tell us Who our Lord is.

Who gave us the Word of God, the Scriptures? It was Jesus from the beginning. He is God.

He says Who He Is in the Holy Bible and friend, when you read and study His Word, you will get to know who Jesus is, and over time you will find that He is Who He says He is.

People will talk and say what they want when you begin to believe and have faith, but pay it no heed because the knowledge you gain is a Gift from God.

Grow in Him each day. Find out about the Promises for believers. They are scattered like pebbles throughout the Bible. Your eyes will open to the Truth of them. Know they are for you!

Allow yourself this great comfort and be quieted in your mind and spirit. Absorb all He has for you as a thirsty drinker.

The Lord is Who He says He is and He will do all He says He will do! Another great mantra!

The Lord bless you!