The Lord Who Heals

09/02/2015 13:06

Friend, let the Lord be the Healer of all your wounds.

He knows you and your family and friends and co-workers - everyone who will come in contact with you today!

He is able to repair and bind up the wounds of us all.

It is not too big of a job for Him.  You are not relegated to the end of the long line of six billion souls.  No, He knows this instant our every need.

We are all crippled in one way or another until we meet and begin to know Jesus. 

He truly is the Healer of our troubled spirits. 

Trust Him.  Have faith in Him.  Allow Him to help you. Step aside from your issues and leave them to Him.

Be free of the burden spiritually.

We are left with the consequences of our past actions when we come to Him but He knows the best Way forward. 

Read up on His Promises in the Bible and Trust in Him.  He is God and not a liar.