The Majesty of Jesus

27/11/2015 11:09

Friend, the Lord will not abandon those who profess their love for Him as their Saviour.

You may stumble and sometimes fall backwards but if you continue to love Him and have a close relationship with Him, you will find at the end of your life, that He never abandoned you.

We sometimes think when times get a bit rough that He has left us, but actually, it is we who have wandered from Him.

Stay closely connected! Speak to Him every day. Have your day be an open prayer of thanksgiving and gratefulness for His Gift of Life.

If things don't go the way you expected, whatever the circumstances, know that He will walk through the problem with you and will show you the perfect Way for you.

His choices for you involve you growing from a baby Christian to a mature one. So He will use all your circumstances to prove to you that He is God and He can be trusted and loved.

There is not a human being alive that you could trust as much or more than He, because He is Trustworthy.

He loves us more than any human could ever love us.

His Ways are not our ways. His Thoughts are not our thoughts. He sees all and knows all, He has created all things. He owns and is; Law, Mathematics, Language, and there is much this world has never even seen or heard of, that is Him. His Majesty cannot be fully explained in our speech.

When the spirit in you meets the Holy Spirit in worship, we come close to knowing and feeling a Beauty which is Jesus.

Seek after these things at all times. Make these thoughts a pure essence of your life; to know God.

He can be found when sought with a heart that is not hardened, a mind that is open to knowing and a soul that is humble and a spirit that is willing.

Bless all who seek after Righteousness!