The Master knows All

07/08/2014 14:31

My friend, fear not - the Master knows all - and yet He loves and cares for you.

He wants to meet up with you where you stand right now. He is waiting for you to acknowledge Him.  He never trips or falls as you push Him away whilst trying to out-manoeuver and outfox Him.  He knows what you are doing. Ignoring Him. 

He is patient.  He knows of the undreamed of heights of happiness you can have yet you shun Him as if He will not help you.  It is true He will not help you on the path that leads to destruction.  He cannot - He is Goodness. Almighty God.  He cannot break His own Pure and Holy Law.

He sets a new task for every one of us each and every day.  Each morning brings new mercy from Him. We can go forward in His Strength.  

What an adventure it could be! Trusting in Him to lead the Way. Seeing people we meet through His eyes. Forgiving those who hurt us as He has forgiven us.

All we need to do is keep our eyes on Him.  If we get in front of Him we will not see Him.  Always it must be Him in front to lead.

He is the Good Shepherd.

Make the leap of faith and trust that He is there for you.  Let Him prove to you in the small everyday things and later He will show you more of His Glory and provision in the bigger things. 

That leap is yours alone to make.  He cannot, being a Holy God, force you to make the leap.

Don't hesitate.

Bless you!