The Mercy, Grace and Wisdom of God

18/05/2015 12:12

Friend, the Mercy, Grace and Wisdom of God trumps everything in our lives.  Even when we do not believe in God, these three attributes of His nature are at work, also are others, like Love and Truth.

Think about how His Mercy and Grace sustains us.  How the Wisdom of His choices for us is always the best for our future, yet addresses the sins of the past also.

Do not cut yourself off from these Mercies from the Throne of Grace.

Instead, allow His choices for your life today to be foremost in your thoughts.

Put your "self" aside today and focus on what He want for you to acheive.  Perhaps it is just a stillness so you will grow accustomed to seeing with new eyes, hearing with new ears and feeling with a new heart and mind?

The world teaches us to be manipulative, envious, boasters, proud, selfish, liars, deniers of Truth. But, what does it give us in return?  Sorrow, loss of friends, love, things we need to survive and a big load of lies.

We will have sorrow and loss when we walk with Jesus also but it is tinged with a knowledge that surpasses understanding and we are girded up by God's Holy angels who are sent to comfort and help us.

When you accept this help things move along and we find; healing, joy for the heart, beautiful knowledge and truth for the mind to think about, seeing the humanity of everyone which brings to us to shed anger and hatred towards others, the ability to hear God's Word properly and see the new meanings that are meant just for our ears.

It's a new life of peace and joy and truth, knowing that; God is with us everywhere we go, He is protecting us, He loves us, He wants the best for us, He will guide us, He will make a Way where we cannot see a way, He is on our side.

When we die, our soul will reside with Him and we will have joy unspeakable, our tears will be no more because we will be able to see Him.