The Patience Of God

03/01/2016 21:32

Friend, how many times have you been snatched from the jaws of evil and not recognized His Hand?

As you look back on 2015, you may recognize that He had something to do with your very survival into 2016.

Praise Him!

Many are the times when God saves us from ourselves and we go merrily on our way without a word of thanks.

If anything good has happened to you, the smallest thing, it is from God for He is Good all the time, and all good things come from Him.

Maybe you're living a sinful lifestyle and sinful things have come your way - friend, these are not from God for He is not a tempter.

Those are gifts from the evil one who will require your soul unless you make a new choice  - Jesus, the creator of your spirit.

This is why being born again of the spirit is so important to Him. We can at any time, have our eyes opened and be able to hear when before we thought we saw and heard just fine.

The song Amazing Grace says it so well...I once was blind but now I see.

Do you walk on the rocky road? Is your mind unstable? Are the sounds of the world, just screeching madness?

There is peace and stability stored up for you. Jesus has a Beautiful Gift in His hand and it's offered to you, right now.

Accept it, my friend. He knows the pain you carry, the burdens that weigh you down and the abandonment you feel.

He can and will restore you when you acknowledge Him as King of your heart and mind.