The Perfection of the Holy Plan

30/09/2016 21:21

Friend, think about the Plan of the Father to make a Way for humans on this earth to be made free from the clutches of evil; that we are for some reason, unknown to us, born into.

God could have stopped everything in the Garden of Eden and started a new earth with more stringent laws and only loyal souls.

There is a reason, that we are born into a sin-filled world.

We are not privy to the Reasoning of God, but all will be revealed to us when God says so. It will not be while on this earth.

For now, God has not seen the need to have us know why, but only to be born and to be exposed to evil and for the Holy Spirit to convict us of sinful ways and for the Lord to come to this earth, walk among us, and be sacrificed for us, in order to be Redeemed to the Father.

We come into this world and are immediately immersed in the evil that pervades it.

The Good Book says that all have sinned and fall short of God's Law.

We all need to be Redeemed. We all need a Saviour.

Even those of us who deny their need.

God says so and that should be the end of the debate.

He rules and He makes the Rule of Law that governs all that is.

Once we get our head around the Truth and the Perfection and Goodness of Who God Is, we can give up all our egotistical thinking and admit that He is in charge and there is no other way, but His Way.

Then and only then is He able to pour out His Love on us and we see how Good He is to us.

When the scales have been removed from our eyes we see with new vision, the Truth, and we understand within in our spirit what God has done for us in sending His Son, the Only One Who could cancel out the hold that evil has on us.

The Perfection of His Plan and the carrying out of the Plan are amazing and magnificent.

Evil did not see our Redemption coming. It's so evil all Holiness is foolishness to them. They are so invested in their own ideas, and hell bent on making evil work. We see it in the world in humans like Hitler, Saddam Hussein and others who oppress God's people.

These are things to think about at length and pray for enlightenment.

God alone knows where you need to start and how to proceed with your Redemption and Enlightenment.

Take that leap of faith that He is Who He says He is and begin your spiritual journey from this very moment.