The Pilgrim's Road

30/03/2015 05:34

Friend, there are lessons to be learned every day - both in the material world and in the spiritual world; the two worlds that your soul inhabits.

We are battered around by evil every day here in the material world. Sickness, bullying, bad choices, addictions, lusts, workplace issues, family concerns, etc., are the things that evil uses against our flesh.  With our spiritual world, evil strives to keep us from the Truth, from all Wisdom, and the One who loves us.  He sets out daily to deceive us and keep us caught up in worldly woes so that we don't have time for spiritual matters.

We must fight bravely for our soul and to know spiritual things.

The good battle involves us gaining ground spiritually so that satan's demons begin to flee from us because we become so spiritually connected to our Lord and Saviour for all the great things He has done, that we know to worship Him alone is the key to our Freedom from evil.

Cut that cord to satan right now!  Let Him know you no longer have any time for all his messy carrying on in your life.

Loosen and cut the ties to your old life.  Let there be no holding on to it.  Do not be held back by the bad choices any longer. 

The Truth sets us free.

Our journey on the earth is to find Christ.  He died so we may have Life - and abundantly!

Easter is coming and this is the time to take a long in-depth look at what God the Father gave us.  It is a beauitful Gift and cost the Father and Son a great deal of pain.  They are Love and Truth and Beauty and Justice and they show this at the Cross and Resurrection.

Do you see it?

Rejoice, because these Gifts are yours for eternity - if you see Truth and Beauty and Love in Easter.