The Power Of Evil

14/08/2015 10:58

Friend, evil would have no power if Holy God did not allow it.

There is a time coming when evil will lose it's power over this world.

When this happens, all those who have aligned themselves with evil, will also have no power!

Praise God!

God has written His Story in the Bible and it tells us that the evil ruler of this world, satan by name, will be removed after a great battle.

Today the earth is groaning under the abominations that evil has brought to bear upon it and the citizens of earth.

The Bible lays out the things that will happen and tells us to look to Heaven because when we see the those things happening, that our Redemption grows near!

Why, many wonder does God allow evil to remain here?

The answer is because He is Holy Love, Pure, and Law.  He will not break any of the characteristics of His Being but, He being Law, can make Law; add to Existing Law and Command anything to be so.  He does all this in Love, Purity and Truth.

In other words, He can be trusted by us, to do absolutely everything according to Truth and Beauty.

His dealings with satan are Pure Law and satan knows this.

Praise God, because His Law is Beautifully wrought - Perfect in every way.

So do not conform to evil ways, but forge on ahead on the road to Heaven, knowing that Jesus the Son's Death and Resurrection, was an addition to the Law of God - that satan did not know about.

Have you ever been sure of an outcome to some issue and when it finally was ended, you saw that a completely different outcome came to be?  This is what happened at Calvary. Satan was thwarted by God's Holy Law.

Satan was the instigator for Jesus's death.  He had been banned from Heaven and was not privy to any new workings of God.  He heard that there was a new King born through the wise men following a new light in the sky.  He then set out to kill this new King. 

God knew the workings of satan but satan could only mull around like someone blinded and grasp at straws, having children killed hoping to wipe out the new King. But it didn't work out for satan - Jesus lived and thrived.

Evil has power, but it is limited by the co-operation of man.  When it has a body and mind to work in - it accomplishes much murder and mayhem. (Hitler, etc)

But, when men and women turn their backs on evil, sinful living - then evil is limited.

Today, the people of the world are lovers of all things considered evil by Almighty God. They have chosen ways that God says are not Righteous.

Those who choose them have the right to choose and live here on this earth in their sin, but they will not make it to Heaven, nor will He allow them to bring any sinful thoughts or attitudes with them.

But, how then can man enter Heaven when He dies?

God's New Law; He would give full access to Heaven at their death for all those who accepted His Son's Sacrifice and who followed the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit; believers will be covered with the spiritual blood of His Son and be seen as His children. (Just as His Son Jesus the Christ is a Child of God.) 

Satan today tries his hardest to turn us away from Jesus the King of Kings.  To me this proves his weakness.

All who follow the King will never be part of satan's army and the war he is planning that he thinks will buy him time from the sentence that he received when God placed him on this earth.

We don't know the reason why we have been born into this war between satan and God, but for what it's worth, God is the Winner.  God does not lose - and if you're listening to satan, you're on the losing side.

You can have full forgiveness right now and be called to your death bed and know that you will have Life Eternal in the Kingdom of God.

We all have a choice and if we don't choose, God's Word says we will join satan and be part of his sentencing.

The power of evil - it is seen as very weak in the universe.

God is Great, not evil!  Choose wisely, friend.