The Power Of His Name

31/03/2016 09:49

Friend, there is Power in the name of Jesus.

Speak His Name continually in your inner spirit.

"Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus." unending.

Fill your spirit with the sound of His Name and be rid of negativity. Demons do not want to hear you saying it while they are at work bringing you down.

His Name is uplifting. He is an encourager. He loves and cares for you when you speak His Name.

"Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus."

Sing it inwardly to any music you hear and love.

Demons cannot stand it. They will flee!

The Bible says, "There is no other Name by which you may be saved."

"Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus."

We are weak, but He is strong and can overcome anything the devil puts in our path or has deceived us with.

Overcomer, Saviour, Deliverer, Redeemer, Leader, Teacher, Friend, Resucer, Guide, Holy God.

He is the Joy-bringer. He is not influenced by the circumstances of your life. You have not gone too far down the road to hell. He can and will rescue you if you tell Him you believe in Him and no longer wish to continue on that road. 

It's called repentance; when we realize we have gone down the wrong road and no longer want to be doing the drugs, alcohol, unlawful works of the devil, and we decide; make another choice; to follow Goodness and Light.

Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Help me, Lord!" 

There's Power in that Name.