The Rapture

19/07/2016 09:21

Friend have you heard about the Rapture?

Are you aware that Jesus is going to return?

These are spoken about in the Holy Bible.

Scholars of God's Word have written on these subjects and it is preached in Holy Spirit filled Christian churches throughout the world.

The Bible speaks of a time when God has ordained that all those who believe in His Son will be transfigured from their earthly body into their spiritual body (cannot be seen with earthly eyes) and join the Lord in Heaven.

Many people will be left behind on earth.

Among them will be many good people who love peace and conduct themselves accordingly; likewise will be every evil person.

The Bible says that the evil people will reign supreme in the guise of being "good" to everyone.

Friend, you must be counted among those who, if the rapture were to occur today, you would be in the great transfiguration of souls who depart this earth without actually dying a physical death.

There is one way and one way only. You must be a believer in the Son, Jesus. You must be "known" to Him.

Ask, "Am I known to You, Lord?"

 You will know the answer.

Jesus offers forgiveness to you now. This moment you can be known by Him.

Take His hand.