The Resurrection

30/03/2016 09:41

Friend, the Resurrection brought Hope to the disciples who after seeing the Crucifixion, forgot all He had told them - that in three days He would return.

At the Last Supper He had told them many things to prepare them for what was to come.

But like all humans, each had his own thoughts on what was said.

None of them expected Him to be crucified.

They knew He was capable of all kinds of miracles, having been eyewitnesses to devils being removed from possessed people and etc., that most of them thought He would overcome in a miracle way, His captors, the Romans.

But He went meekly to the slaughter as a Lamb does. He was sinless, but did not cry out in rage against His accusers.

He allowed all the beatings, and physical tauntings, the pulling of His beard, the placing of the thorny crown on His head, the whippings until His body was one open wound, the carrying of His own Cross to show His shameful (by the world's standards) condition.

For us, the Father allowed this horrendous treatment of His Son!

There was no other Way. The price for sin had to be paid.

All the inhabitants of Heaven saw what the cost was to God.

And today, there is no other Way for us, but through the acceptance of the Truth, that God sent His Son to die for our sins also.

The Resurrection brought Hope back into the the hearts of the disciples.

Jesus appeared to them in the Upper Room where they had all gathered to commiserate in sorrow. They had dreamed of an earthly Kingdom of which Jesus was King.

But friend, that Kingdom is still to come. And it may be in the near future, judging by all the upheaval in the world of which Revelation speaks to us about.

They were so sure His death was absolute that even though He appeared suddenly amongst them, having not walked into the room, Thomas would not believe until he saw the wounds from the nails.

This was Jesus in His Spiritual body. The same type we believers will have when we die.

He conquered death for us.

The Resurrection shows us that God's Way is Perfect.

For the believer, once to die and then to be reunited with our Lord. Then the Judgement. We return with the Lord for His thousand year reign. After that we know not what; but trusting in God, I know whatever He has planned for me, will be wonderful!

Knowing you are a cherished member of the Kingdom of God, what a magnificent thing!