The Safe Place

18/09/2015 11:04

Friend, it is not good to be far from Jesus.

Wandering about on the periphery of the Message, believing this and that but discounting other scriptures keeps you far from God, not committed.

God has wired us to know Truth. We have the free will choice to make, when we hear it.

Is it Truth or just a bunch of stories?

We must approach the Throne of Grace as little children. Open heart and open mind, ready to learn and find Truth.

The safe place to be is close to Jesus in thought and deed. Ready for His correcting or blessing.

Allow Him to lead the Way. Grow at the pace He has designed. Follow Him and relax, He's got it all worked out. There is nothing He cannot do.

Life's battles can be overcome and won with the help of the One Who sees all things and knows how to knit together the perfect tapestry for your life if you let Him.