The Secret Place

19/07/2014 13:46

My friend, have you found the secret place to live while in the world?

I have, take my hand and walk with me.

Let me introduce you to my Friend.  He is Jesus.  He is God the Son.

He loves me.  He listens to me.

In times of trouble He is my Fortress when evil is assaulting me. I go there and am safe, knowing He is working all things together for my good in Him.  Yes, it may not be what I want or think is the best, but He, seeing the big and full picture, knows the best route to take.  I just trust Him as I keep walking along covered by His Love.

In that Fortress of Love I find real security.  I am able to focus on Him and enjoy His presence and wisdom.  He shows me the freedom I have when I let Him deal with the evil that surrounds me. 

While in the Fortress, He has shown me that to worship Him and pray to Him unlocks the chains that bind me and allows Him to demolish the evil barriers in my life.  In this state I gain strength and enlightenment for my life's path.  I see the real choices I have and can identify evil more readily. 

Patience is also gained as I see that His timing is better than my understanding, but He gives hope and encouragement during the times of waiting.  My spirit is renewed as I worship Him as my Redeemer.

I hope the Fortress is where you run to in times of uncertainty or trouble, but if not I strongly encourage you to go there.  Reach out your hand and speak to Him.  A contrite heart will unlock the door.

Thank you my friend, enjoy your journey!