The Silence

23/12/2015 09:25

Friend, there is a place where the Lord God Almighty will commune with you!

Isaiah 51:4 Hearken unto Me, My people, and give ear unto Me.

Isaiah 46:3 Hear Me, all you whom I carry in My bosom.

Friend, He speaks in the silence.

When we choose to find a place where we can be silent before Him and let the cares of the world drift away and be focused on Him - His Diety, His Love, His Wisdom, His Truth - this is when we get the little snippets of Golden Truth for our lives.

When we have a longing to know Him and and we want and need Him in our lives, He cannot leave us.

He is drawn to us when our inner spirit is calling to Him. He will teach and guide us as much as we can stand when we show Him this kind of love and attention.

Friend, the Beauty of Who He Is, what He has done for us, the Truth that is undeniable, the Law that is Pure; it's all so glorious.

It's all found in the silence of one's life; the times when we are reclined in meditation.

Begin with silence in your outward life.

Have nothing to say!

Oh, how we struggle with that! But that part is the beginning of knowledge.

Hosea 2:14 I will lead her/him into solitude and there I will speak to her/his heart.

It is His Will. Practise silence. Become skilful in this practise.

He will show you the Way and give you Peace and fill you with Love for Him.