The Sin Of Unforgiveness To Others

12/09/2016 15:12

Friend, check yourself for an unforgiving spirit.

It is one that will destroy you, even plunge you into madness from where satan will claim your soul.

Jesus died for you to be forgiven, not for you to be unforgiving.

Have you been offended by someone?

Has someone hurt you beyond what you can carry?

God says there is nothing done to us for which He has not already forgiven the other person.

Who are we to harbour unforgiveness against another?

Better than God? Are you?

God knows their sin and He sees yours!

Yours, He wants gone. He wants that unforgiving spirit to leave.

Now is the time for you to set it free from your soul and spirit, in Jesus's Name.

Declutter your spirit and sweep clean your soul.

You will reap the benefits of forgiving others as Jesus has forgiven you; and your mental and physical being will be enriched and cleansed with the Balm from on High.

Let God be Glorified in your shedding of deeply rooted and tightly held evil spirits that you depend on to exist in this cruel world.

Become a true child of God and simplify things for yourself by forgiving and moving forward. Agree to your part in the unforgiveness and place it all at the foot of the Cross so Jesus can burn it up and make Beauty in your soul from the ashes of your burnt offering.

You will be a sweet smelling spirit in this foul smelling world.