The Solid Rock

26/01/2015 06:36

Friend, our Lord Jesus is a Solid Rock upon whom we can stand and have confidence that we are not going to be moved by the frailties of life.

Nothing can faze us when we know that the God of All Things is the One who has saved us from peril.

If we live or if we die, we are His.

His Promises are real and we can depend on them to be Truth.

Evil offers lies and deceit to our soul. Many follow evil because it suits their needs now but when it comes time for the Grim Reaper of souls, they will have nothing.  All their worldly possessions, they cannot take with them.

All their accomplishments in this life mean nothing.  The devil doesn't care.  That was all froth and bubbles and now it's gone and their souls will be ready for using by evil and they will have no choice.

All the effort, and belief that went into their life of excesses on earth mean nothing to satan.

Better to have placed faith in the One True God and walked the walk of faith in Him - the Solid Rock.