The Source Of Joy

20/05/2015 09:55

Friend, Jesus is the source of True Joy.

We carry sadnesses around with us; trials and struggles follow us everywhere we go. 

We cannot escape sufferings.

But, friend, with God, we can experience a Joy that seeps deep into our psyche and offers Hope.

This Hope, settles Joy in our soul.

Having Hope allows us to bear the trial with a knowledge that God is for us and will not abandon us; and in the trial, we can gain spiritual ground, if we repent and listen to the Spirit.

Hear what He is saying to you!  Be still and ask God to show you the lesson to be learned in the trial.

Friend, then be brave and make the changes that the Spirit tells you to.  Practice them daily. Change is hard when old habits are ingrained, but they can be eliminated from our life.

One by one, flick them away. Make the effort to choose the new Way that the Spirit has guided you towards.

Soon you will see them coming, rearing their ugly head, and you will know to bear down on them with determination to overcome and rid them from your new life with Christ.

He will help you through these days when you have a heart of repentance and a humble mind that is listening to the Holy Spirit.

Thank Him for His Forgiveness and your new life in Him.