The Source of All Kowledge

26/10/2018 05:56

Friend, we all are seekers of Knowledge.

Some stop seeking earlier than others thinking we have it all figured out.

Some delve into many of the arts and become part of the story of art in all it's many facets of self-meaning and self expression.

Some seek after life's meaning in nature. Finding the things of the earth to have meaning for them.

Others find and follow one or more of the anti-God religions, favouring their messages of self-realization.

Still others are lured by the worldly arts of self-divination; turning to self-made human spiritual advisors.

But, friend, God asks us to seek Him

He Is Spirit. Pure and Glorious. 

He never denies a seeker of Righteousness and Truth; because that would be denying Himself and He has given us the gift of time here to reconnect with Him.

Why not go first to the Source of All Knowledge?

Why bother with all the former things when God Himself will speak to us; when God Himself will guide us with Divine Wisdom?

He is the One Who has all the Knowledge of when we were created.

He is the One Who knows every thought, every deed, every word of ours.

Yet He is willing to forgive every sin if we will recognize Him and love Him.

That is called repentance. Formerly we did not believe in Him but repentance says "Yes, now I believe."

It's easy. 

When you are done chasing after all the world has to offer, and the heart is ready to accept Truth; then turn to Him and say " I repent, Lord Jesus. Help my unbelief."