Revelation Names of God

12/05/2020 21:39

In 1st John 5:7 pictured above, we see that the Disciple John who also wrote Revelation tells us what he knows to be Truth. 

John says that there are Three parts of God; Father, Word and Holy Ghost who we today call, Holy Spirit. 

The Word of God is also known as Jesus.

We attribute many Names to God because of what the holy men of old called Them.

It is always proper, reverential, to use a capital for the first letter of Their Names when we write, so people are able to tell the difference from an ordinary word, and also to see Their Name in all the contexts that show Their attributes and characteristics.

God Himself says to the Disciple known as John, who wrote Revelation; I Am the A and the Z, the Beginning and the Ending of all things.

John said, "Says the Lord, The All Powerful One Who Is and Was and is coming again."

John turned to hear who was speaking like a loud trumpet blast.

When he, John, turned, he saw seven candlesticks of gold. Standing amongst the candlesticks was One Who looked like Jesus whom John knew in the flesh. 

John described Jesus's hair as being white as snow, and His eyes as flames of fire. His feet gleamed like burnished bronze and His Voice thundered like the waves against the shore.

He held seven stars in His right Hand and a sharp double bladed sword in His Mouth and His Face shone like "the power of the sun in unclouded brilliance."

John fell at His Feet as though dead, but Jesus laid His right Hand on him and told John not to be afraid, even though He is the First and the Last, the Living One who died Who Is alive Forevermore, and Who has the Keys to Hell and Death.

When He speaks of the church at Thyratira, He calls Himself, the Son of God.

When He speaks of the church in Sardis He calls Himself, the Seven-fold Spirit of God.

When He speaks of the church at Philadelphia He says He is the One Who Is Holy and True and has the Keys to open and shut what no-one else can.

When He speaks of the church in Laodicea He says He is the One Who Stands Firm, is the Faithful and True Witness of all that is or was or evermore shall be, the Primeval Source of God's Creation.

In Revelation 4:9b He is called  The Eternal Living One.

These are just some of the Names for our Most Powerful, Almighty, Loving and True God.

Yet He is also called, The Lamb that was slain.

He is The Lamb Who Is Worthy to take the scrolls and open them which ushers in the Second Coming of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus.