The Truth Sets Us Free

14/02/2015 06:28

Friend, the Truth really does set us free.

Have you experienced this?

Over the course of our lives we develop tangled webs of gnarly undergrowth and thick roots of sinful thinking and desire.

It is the way of this world ruled by the prince of the power of the air, Satan.

But, when we come to the knowwledge of God, we begin to see and hear Truth which is the antidote to Satan and his lies and deceit.

Can you see the Light shining through and do you desire to know more and see more of Beauty, Goodness and Light and Truth and Peace?

He is waiting to teach you.  Invite Him in. Make Him welcome to sit with you and talk with you. His name is Jesus.  The Lord of Righteousness and Truth.

Leave behind all the undergrowth.  Turn your back on it, not Him. 

Seek to know Him and His Ways.

Use this blog to get to know more about Him and read about Him in your Bible.  He has much to say to you in the Holy Bible, and the Truth will set you free from being entangled with sin and show you how to deal with it as life goes on.

Blessings my friend.


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