The Unseen Hand

25/09/2014 12:13

Our Saviour leads us every day, but do we follow?  We are to Him like sheep gone astray.  He is continually shepherding us - mostly with little result. 

We are the lambs that scamper away just as He reaches out the crooked end of the rod to gently draw us back to safety in Him.

Recognize yourself?

Yes, friend we are the lambs of His pasture.  He looks out for the wolf that comes to tear us to shreds.  Only He can truly see the wiles of the devil and how he seeks to destroy us.  Jesus our Shepherd, sees satan and his army of demons lurking behind every rock and He does warn us - but, do we hear Him?  Do we uderstand His warning?

His is the unseen hand that reaches out to help us.  Never doubt that it is there.  He wants us to grow into adult sheep who know His voice and His commands so we can have a peaceful existence in His pastures. 

The sheep who listen for Him and obey His commands will always be sheltered, and watered and led to greener pastures and kept safe from the wolves.

Each and every day He leads us down paths we have not walked before and to us it may seem unfamiliar and not desirable but we should be open to walking down the Path with Him.  He has so much to show us and tell us. 

He desires our companionship.  He dearly wants us to love Him, to see him for who He is. He knows that when we see Who He Is, we will love Him in such a way, that Love and Healing and Plenty will flow from Him to us.

A step at a time is all that is needed.  Try it. 

Just say, "Lord You are a Mighty God - I believe in You and I trust You. Lead me!"