The Way Can Be Difficult

11/06/2015 09:31

Friend, walking along the Christian Path can be difficult, but the Lord asks us never to despair or allow depression to rule our mind.

He will help us through the trials and tribulations of the flesh and soul.  The Way when first we become a believer can be rocky because we have lived for so many years in doubt, denial, lies and deceit.  Satan will use those strongholds he has built up in your mind and body to keep you bound in chains.

But, Jesus can break those chains.  Just allow him full rein to do as He pleases.  Let His design for your new Pathway to Him be the one that you allow, and follow him along that Path.  Let Him be the one who teaches and guides your soul into new territory of the Spirit.

He asks us to be helpful to others just as He is being helpful to us.  Let that healing, loving energy flow through you into the lives of those you love and out into the world of friends and acquaintances and neighbours, even to strangers.

Today decide to not give way to satan and the illnesses he has filled your mind with.  Clean them out one by one - anger, hate, pride, ego, laziness, lying, stealing, manipulating others, cruelty, etc.

Do today that which Jesus has been urging you to do. Step boldly into the world and know that God loves you and has made a Way for you to be forgiven. Belief in His Son brings forgiveness.  He has said it and He is not a liar.

Friend, be joyful and happy that you know the Risen Christ.  He is your Friend, Saviour, Life, Love and Peace.  In Him you can rest. In Him you can do all things you must do to contine living and have an abundant and meaningful life.

In Him you can accept the Gift of Forgiveness that sets you free from the binds of Satan.

Tell Jesus, " I accept the Free Gift of Salvation and Forgiveness!" and go forward into the Light.