The Waystations Of Life

29/01/2016 10:41

Friend, we're all living on one of the many waystations along the road to Eternal Divine Life.

Which one are you on is the question.

God has pointed us all in the right direction. But, we have made choices throughout our lives that have put us on the wayside and not kept us on the Track to Heaven.

Evil has tempted us. Evil has taken from us. Evil has given us a bauble to admire. Evil has lied to us. Evil has cheated us. Evil has filled us with diseases. Evil has made us fearful of God. And on it goes the amazingly dangerous and spiteful things evil has done to God's created.

But, God will use those things to gather you to Himself if you allow Him.

Look around, the wayside you are on is getting overcrowded. When you've had enough, look for Him and when you find a glimmer of Who He Is, move on and follow Him.

Let Him purge you of the falsities that evil has ensnared you in. Be open to admitting you have been wrong in your thinking; in the way you have acted and accepted things.

Today is a new day! Walk in Freedom and Love!