The Will of Humans

29/05/2018 21:14

Friend, God desires our will to be absorbed into His Glorious Will - for our own soul and spirit's sake.

He is not a hard taskmaster.

Knowing nothing about Him, we think He is a hard taskmaster and we blame Him for all our ills; yet in the next breath, deny His existence..

But theTruth is; that He does exist and has given us Free Will, as a Gift.

We can do as we please and we know in our spirit that He is Good and Just, yet we allow our souls to be captured by evil.

We enter into this world and immediately have Free Will. 

Parents say some children are "wilful" and "tell lies", even rebellious at early ages.

They are using their Free Will Gift!

They understand right from wrong before anyone has a chance to teach them good or bad.

However, to do as we please in an evil world is very risky.

It is better for us to do God's Will and use our Free Will within His Will; so that we don't inadverdently surrender our will to satan/evil.

God believes in us so much, and He believes that we will see evil for what it is, and has allowed us this chance to be born again of the Spirit through the Saving Grace of His Son Who died for us and showed His Power in the Resurrection, that many witnesses were privy to. 

He also knows that He has sent The Holy Spirit to do His Will in keeping us centered on Him; but we can and do many times, reject the Holy Spirit, all through our lives or until we come to a full understanding of what The Son of God has done for us on the Cross, and we begin to have a relationship with the Spirit, Who then teaches and guides us into Glory.

God also knows that many will fall by the wayside, but they will never be able to point the finger at Him, to say they did not have the chance to enter this world and experience His Love and Kindness for them, in that He sent His Son to die for the Remission of their sins; but they have not accepted that, wanting to carry on living selfishly for themselves, and their own ideas of how things should be; disavowing that things are as they should be because God is Perfect in all He does.

God does not make mistakes. So as we use our Free Will to ruin our world, He allows it (otherwise it wouldn't be Free Will); always with the Saving Grace of Jesus His Son, to cover our Free Will sins when we believe in Him; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

He desires of us to develop spiritual willpower against the enemy and The Holy Spirit is with us to guide, help, teach and reveal Christ to us so we can be encouraged and know the Power of God.