The World Tells Us How To Be

27/05/2015 10:52

Friend, the world is constantly telling us how we must think or be.

But, God tells us how to think and be in His Word also.

Which do you think would be the correct way?

The world says we can be who we want to be whenever we want to be that way.

The world encourages us by showing us through the lusts of the eye and ear and mouth, that just about anything is acceptable.

The choices are without limit, as to who we can be or what we can think to be our own truth.

Many are the citizens of this world who choose because of something they have seen on tv for example, and have decided to live "that way."

It can be a belief system, a way of living contrary to how we were born, a choice to change ourselves through surgery or dress, or speech - all these options to change something we don't like.

But, the Holy Bible tells us that the way to change these things is to overcome in a Godly Way.

And, when we listen to the Spirit, we find the perfect way for us and usually, the easy way.  The easy way, because, finally, we have found our true path; the one that was ordained for us before we were born.

The Lord has thought out our life from before our birth.  He has a Way planned for us and the Spirit is always working with our spirit, to accomplish the Lord's Plan.

Just as God the Father had a Plan for the birth of Jesus and the crucifixion and resurrection before Jesus was born, He has a plan for us.

We have free will to choose any way but the Way of the Lord is the right and perfect Way for us and this is the Way that will bring us the most inner peace, joy and satisfaction of soul.

Friend, I encourage you to choose the Path that God has set out for you. It takes bravery and courage if you have wandered down an unrighteous path, but with the help of the Holy Spirit and His army of Holy angels, you will be victorious.  Just apply yourself to the work of God as directed by the Spirit.