The Wrong Path

12/03/2015 06:47

Friend, we must not lead others astray.

We must be careful what we share.  Are we trying to share our "self" or are we used by God to share Himself?

This is an area where the world delights.  It shares it's messages in the forms of art; media; entertainment; books; music and everyday gossip; through business practices, and in the home.

We must ask ourselves what it is we are sharing or exhibiting.  Is it something God approves of.  Are we leading others down the wrong path?

We do not want to be standing before Almighty God ( the One we did not believe in while alive on the earth) with hundreds, thousands or millions of "believers in our cause; stance; religion; art; or thoughts etc" lined up behind us, denoting we are the root cause of their unbelief in the Mighty God before them.

Search your soul honestly to see if you are one of these people.  Do you have a following?  Are you putting your thoughts into their heads and making believers out of them? 

Pray that it is not you and your thoughts that they believe in, but that you have led them to the Cross of Jesus and pray for their enlightenment of the Law of God and the Word, His Son.