There Should Be Joy

27/08/2014 09:31

Angela of Foligno said, "My soul then heard these words":

"My beautiful spouse, who I love so affectionately, don't come to Me carrying sorrow and suffering, but rejoicing in ineffable joy."

He then showed me the robe that the Bridegroom shows to the bride; it was not of purple or scarlet, but of marvelous light to clothe my soul.

"It is right for a King to wed His long-loved bride clothed in a Royal garment" He said.

This woman of earlier times had an encounter with Jesus the Bridegroom and recorded it so that any seeker coud see that it is possible to know God so personally that He can and will as He so desires, speak to us personally.

But more than that is the information she imparts to us in this little gem. 

Jesus reveals to her that He wants us to put aside our earthly woes and look to Him and rejoice that "He Is".  We have a Saviour, He exists! He is preparing a great wedding for His bride - ALL the believers to whom He has said "Well done, good and faithful servant."

The Lord showed to Angela of Foligno the robe of Light that He will give to each of us who loves Him.  It will clothe our soul. Our earthly body will be no more but we will have a heavenly body and a beautiful robe of pure light.

This alone is cause for rejoicing!

Our spirit lives on in a soul clothed in Light.  All memories of sorrow and suffering will be wiped away.  

Praise God! We rejoice in You Lord, for You are worthy to be praised and worshipped. Amen