There's Power In His Name

11/06/2015 09:12

Friend, have you discovered that there is Power in using the name of Jesus according to His Will and Law?

This is a benefit of being a born again Christian.  Knowing there is Power in His Name is so empowering to the soul.

Never be afraid to say His Name or call on Him by name when in need.

Demons flee when we call on Him in faith, putting ourselves last and Him first.  They know who He Is.  He is All That Is. He can do all things and He does help His beloved.

Staying close to Him and enjoying fellowship with Him will keep evil at bay and open the doors of heaven to us. Asking for our needs according to His Will and in the Name of Jesus will bring about changes in our life and show evil that we have a Deliverer and a Mighty Warrior who fights battles for us.

When we reveal to satan and his demons that we are aligned by faith with Jesus, he knows he will not win the war for our soul.  All he can do is create little battles all around us as an annoyance and hope we will succumb by having less faith.

But, friend, have big faith.  The Lord is with you, He loves you and you have the privilege of calling on Him by name, "Jesus."

Never be afraid to say His Name.

Jesus, Jesus, lover of my soul, how I love You, Lord! Be with me always and help me to keep my heart and mind focused on You, Jesus.