Never Give Up Hope

14/11/2015 00:00

Friend, the world is in turmoil. Wars and strifes everywhere.

There is no country or people that is not affected.

It seems that God has abandoned us; but to the believer, we know that He is in control.

We know that He is in charge even though seemingly innocents, lose their lives.

There is a purpose for everything He allows.

He is not the perpetraator, but all things are governed by His Law.

We must have faith that He is Good and He does not approve of what evil does - but, evil cannot operate outside His Law - so for a time evil is not fully restrained to fulfill the purposes of God.

We are in this world for a reason - one we do not truly know, other than He has allowed it. And, in this life He has allowed; that we may find Him and connect with him through His Son; accept the sacrifice that Jesus made for us to be FORGIVEN - of the sin we are infected with from birth, into this world governed by evil.

Yes, we have an evil governor lets say = for want of a better way to express a Godly truth.

God gives hints for the scholarly and simple man to follow and see Who He is and how He governs His whole kingdom of ALL that exists.

Satan has been given a time to be the prince of the power of the air of this world. (Spiritual).

Many of his followers are at an all time high of power at the moment and they are perpetrating things in the name of God and this is blasphemy. They do not honor Him at all. They are deceived and are building empires on earth for evil, thinking they serve a Righteous God; but it is not He they really serve, it is satan who has fooled them.  Their passion is real to them but to God it is fake. He is not part of their schemes and does not welcome them.

They are allowed to have their day in the sun and some of us will truly be martyrs.

Not the kind of martyr many think of with the ability to "get" a certain number of virgns! No, a martyr for their faith in Christ the King. 

HAH! Holy God does not approve of their evil ways of becoming a "martyr".

Jesus showed many instances in the Bible where He honoured women and would never approve of the atrocities done to women in His name - proving that He does not supply virgins for evildoers - that is a promise straight from the pit of Hell that God has prepared for those who are full of evil and will not relent or repent of their evil thoughts and deeds. 

Fools believe this teaching of "virgins for martyrs."  They are just using up their allotted time here on earth to show their true colours so that when judgement comes, they will not escape the punishment they deserve.

Believers, be of good cheer knowing God is in control.

Pray for those who are lost and do not know God and pray for your family and friends to know the true Jesus, the Mighty and Powerful King of all Kings, The Lover of your soul and, The One who died so they might have a Way to live eternally in the Kingdom with a marvellous new life where all our tears will be wiped away, and our Lord will be our Light, and all our needs will be met.

Whenever we start to see that Jesus is the One who is the Saviour Redeemer, be it 9 or 90, we have the same Forgiveness and the same riches of God's Kingdom. No it does not include any sinful debauchery but is so spiritually elevated it is highly desired above any thing the devil can muster up to entice us with.

If every believer prayed diligently for each unbeliever they knew, satan's power would dimish as each new soul devoted themselves to Jesus.

Never give up hope, and pray for peace. 

God asks us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem as this is where all hatred of the devil is aimed.

Demonic forces are at work on this earth desiring to kill out any who do not follow them, so when you see the warring that is incomprehensible, (suicide bombers, attacks in public places on countries that live peaceable, bombs on public transport,) do not decry those brave enough to try to dampen and keep at bay the demonic forces.

Pray for those brave souls who believe in freedom for all people, even the ones they fight against who want to impose on their "enemies - (us)  laws that takes away our freedoms - education, speech, movement, even our life for the slightest infringement of their "law".