Three Crosses

06/07/2014 13:45

Is there a meaning for the Three Crosses at Calvary?

Everything to do with Jesus's life has layers and layers of meaning and the significance of three crosses on the Hill of the Skull is filled with meaning for us even today.

The Book of Luke states that one of the men hanging on his own cross said to Jesus, "If thou be Christ, save Thyself and us."

The other man rebuked this man by saying they deserved their fate but Jesus did not, He was Innocent. Then he turned to Jesus and asked Him, "Lord remember me when You come into Your Kingdom?"

Then Jesus said to him, "Truly, I say unto you, you shall be with Me in Paradise today."

Why this man and not the other?

Because this man recognized that He is Lord, Holy Pure, Innocent, and knew his own sin would keep him from spending eternity in Paradise. 

It takes recognition of Jesus as Lord for us to gain eternal spirit life.

We are an eternal spirit living in a flesh body.

Where will the other man who hung on his cross, go?

Jesus is preparing a place for those souls who believe in Him and God has another place prepared for those who do not, or will not recognize His Son as the King of all kings.

We are His creation. He will only allow those He has cleansed by His Blood shed at Calvary, into His Kingdom.

So the significance of the three crosses is that Jesus is the Way and the man who mocked Him represents one of the two types of souls on this earth.

One is a man who does not, and will not recognize that a King exists who created him and who will one day judge his brief earth existence.

And the other man is the one who represents those of us who do recognize Him as King, knowing we are big sinners only saved by His Grace and Mercy. We come to this knowledge when we remove the veil from our eyes and see Him as God's Son. This man spoke of Jesus's Kingdom thereby acknowledging to Jesus that he knew He was a King and was returning to His Kingdom!

For believing in Him, He grants us entrance to His Kingdom and calls us sons and daughters of the King.

What a great reward, to have eternal spirit life, having all our sins forgiven, being made new by the renewing of our minds when the Holy Spirit comes to live inside us.

Think about it. Your soul's eternal destiny hangs in the balance. Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart, but He will not enter unless you allow Him.