Times Of Trial

24/03/2016 09:47

Friend, the true condition of our soul is revealed to us during times of trial.

In one way, trials are a gift.

We find that our own efforts are futile.

Many of us turn to God during trials and we ask "Why."

If we quiet our minds and are genuinely ready to listen, we will hear Him.

Because we are all individuals in God's eyes, you will hear the answers for you.

Maybe, it will be, "I am with you, do not be afraid." Or, "My Strength and Comfort are yours."

"Believe in the Son." "I will never leave you, walk on in My Love." "Jesus died for that sin and what the world can do is nothing when you have faith in Jesus." "This trial is necessary for your spiritual growth. Stay the course with Me." "You will overcome according to My Will, let Me lead."

Friend, He knows us, inside and out. He knows the number of hairs on our head, and every thing we have ever said or done is recorded. Everything. There is nothing hid from Him.

So, He knows the trial you are going through. He knows why you are in the trial and He has made a Way out for you. But, friend, if you do not want His help, what can He do?

The trial will only get worse as satan and his demonic army blast you with all they have, laughing at  your struggle, sorrow and pain.

It's different for the believer.

Jesus gives us the tools to endure the suffering while He makes the Way clear for us.

His Word, the Holy Bible, tells us that he loves us so much He was willing to go through the mock trial, the beatings and abuse and the crucifixion, for our sin. He was sinless, condemned by spite and hate, jealousy, anger and revenge by the Wicked One.

But, God allowed it and called for it to be so. At any time God could have rescued the Son and said, "No more suffering for My Son, the world and it's inhabitants are not worth it."  None in Heaven would have disagreed.

But, because the Word, Jesus, created this world and man and loves His creation, the Father made a Way, through the Crucifixion - Blood shed Sacrifice - and Resurrection, for there to "be a time" when man would have the opportunity ( last one) to be able to have a Way back to Heaven from where their spirits originated; to be reunited with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, cleansed and renewed.

Today I was out and about, Good Friday and heard so many derogatory remarks about this day only for being set aside for "religious" people.

No, friend, it is a Day of Remembrance, for reflection, for all men, even those who will never come to the realization that God Himself died for them on the Cross.

It  was done for all. The Law says we must choose between being a follower of Goodness, or of Evil.

We are born into the evil world ruled by the Evil One, satan, who is ruled by God and has no power except that given to him by God from times past, and according to God's Law.

The trial you go through is from the world; evil in nature. Even when our lives are turned over to Christ, we will have trials, however, we then have Help through them and are taught Ways to overcome and avoid some we may not have to experience because we are walking in Faith. 

This is the Miracle of God area and is so beautiful to experience.

God doesn't bring out the marching band and have his subjects wave flags etc. He simply performs the miracle and leaves us in awe.

It's never what we expect or even done in the way we could imagine.