No Loophole In The Law Of God

27/07/2016 20:38

Friend, we should think back on our days and ask God to show us where He changed something for us; or gave something to us or caused something to be or occur, that could only have been of His doing, that we have not recognized or thanked Him for; so that we can praise Him for that Gift.

Many of us, believers, know when the Lord's Hand has been at work, for we know that nothing good comes from the darkness.

So we raise our hands to God in praise and thankfulness for His Goodness, His Timing, His Law, His Truth and Perfection when we even only glimpse His Will concerning us.

Sometimes we will see outright miracles that defy our understanding; other times changes happen subtley and without much notice by us, still others are sprinkled amongst the thorns of our lives and we don't suspect they are of value even. Many are instant answer to prayer and we are so happy to have the Gift that we tend to forget the Giftgiver.

God has Infinite Wisdom.

He does not need our input and does not need to consult with us first.

His Will; will prevail no matter what.

Even if we are not compliant.

Atheists think by denying God, they are let out of the equation, but this couldn't be further from the Truth.

They are part of God's Plan also; even though they do not believe.

Evolutionists also.

Unbelieving scientists and great worldly men and women.

Leaders of countries and multinational corporations.

Believers in other religions than that of the Son of God, Jesus, too are living in the Will of God.

All unbelievers in Jesus are subject to Him and His Will.

No soul gets to be left out of the Plan of God.

It is His Law and He owns everything.

He is the Lawgiver and the Judge.

There is no loophole in His Law. There is no escape from the Judgement to come, for any soul born into this planet.

Yet we look around at the workings of the world, and we see many things portrayed on televison especialy in reality television; we see that a huge multitude of souls are living in complete denial, even skewed reality of the truth, making choices that take them deeper into darkness.

Friend take the time to praise Him for the Gift, for His Goodness, for the Perfection of the Gift and the Holy and Annointed Timing.

I hope the tears flow in gratitude to Someone Who is Greater than yourself Who loves you!

Jesus is your Friend and Companion in Life's journey and He knows all your inner workings, and all your inner and outer needs that will gain you entry into the Everlasting Kingdom; a return to your Home.